ERK2020 84" Burgundy


Colorkote™TC is a flexible, reinforced, vinyl substrate coated with premium ink and covered with FX outer protective coating. This flexible substrate is created for the sign and awning industries for backlit graphic applications. The premium ink and FX protective coating are designed to be removed with Arlons Eradicator for various graphic capabilities. Colorkote™ TC provides protection, durability, superior appearance and longer life in outside environments.


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Package Cut: 5 yd Min. 5-49 yd 50- 250 yd 251-500 yd
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Product Specifications

Material Color 84" Burgundy
Pattern Style Solids
Width 84"
Weight 21 oz/sq.yd,705 g/sq m,Section 8, Vol. 08.01, D1593-89.
Fiber Content A low shrink, high strength polyester scrim,500 Denier.
Surface Premium ink,premium cast PVC,FX protective coating,% 35 Section 8, Vol. 08.03, D2457-90.
Underside Premium Cast PVC.
Tested UV No appreciable stiffening or cracking after 1000 hrs. under QUV test,Section 8, Vol. 08.03, D4329-92 (Test G53-91).
Solar Factors N/A
Tear WARP (ALONG),lbf;22 (98 Newton Force),WEFT (ACROSS),lbf;16 (71 Newton Force),Section 8, Vol. 08.01, D1593-89.
Transparency Level %, Each color varies, Lighter colors will transmit more light than darker pigmented colors.
Abrasion Resistance N/A
Flexibility Good
Flame Resistance UL 48, Standard for Safety for Electric Signs, In accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 701 UL 94,Tests for flammability of polymeric materials, Japan Fire Regulation article 8-3, CL., 8-3-1.
Mildew Resistance Zero growth after 14 days. Military equipment test (Milstd.-810C508), Test G21-80 and Vetron method B-20.
Chemical Resistance No visible sign at deterioration or weight loss, Section 8, Vol. 08.01, D1239-55 (Re-approved 1982).
Water Repellency %, .6, Section 8, Vol. 08.01, D1593-89.
Oil Resistance N/A
Sewability Heat sealed recommended.
Heat Sealing Lbf/linear 106 (471 Newton Force) Section 8, Vol. 08.01, D882.
Fabric Care All Arlon awnings/signs must be cleaned on a regular basis as per the warranty chart. Without proper cleaning all awning/sign material will stain and discolor. Dirt and pollutants left for prolonged periods will promote the growth of mildew on awning/sign material. Regular cleaning will prevent this from affecting the awning/sign. Arlon warrants its products to be cleanable for the number of years on the warranty chart, dependent on the zone and protective coating. Arlon products are warranted against excessive staining when seen at a normal viewing distance. For clarification of normal viewing distance, see heading below. The cleaning and mildew warranty applies to the side of the awning/sign face that has the protective coating and is regularly cleaned. If weep holes at the bottom of awning/sign are blocked, then cleaning and unblocking of weep holes is required behind FlexfaceÇ for mildew warranty to be valid. Awning/sign faces in industrialized areas will need more frequent cleaning than the required cleaning mentioned in the warranty chart. For all warranties to be valid, material substrates are to be cleaned during recommended cleaning cycles mentioned in the warranty chart with Arlon TSP-12 cleaner (or approved equivalent), as per instructions listed on the packaging. When cleaning pressure-sensitive films, wipe along the cut edge of the film.Warning: Do not use abrasive cleaners as they will damage the material and void the warranty. Do not rub into the cut edge of any pressure-sensitive film as this will void the warranty. Warranty conditions preclude any attachments to awning/sign material where any part of this attachment would be touching the awning/sign material, i.e. a banner strung over awning/sign would void warranty.
Mfgs Warranty minimum of a 3 inch vent (76mm in diameter) every 3 feet (900mm) at the bottom (and if possible sides) of the sign cabinet. In high humidity areas, more ventilation may be necessary. Weep holes, (1/4 in. (6mm) holes every 3 ft. (900mm) close to the front
Sold UM yd
Roll Size 50
Cold Crack (-14°F)