ICI226175Wht White


IIS supplies a leading line of Coated Vinyls which offer many great solutions for Industrial applications. Some of the main uses for these types of materials are transportation covers for flatbed trucks, covers for soft sided tractor trailers, and cargo covers on freight liners. These durable vinyls are offered in various weights, widths, and colors.


Pricing is based on the quantity purchased. The price will be calculated below. Roll Size: 75

Package Cut: 1-74 Yd 75- 300 yd 375-675 yd
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Product Specifications

Material Color White
Pattern Style Solid
Width 61"
Weight 22 oz., ASTM D 751.
Fiber Content Vinyl Coated Polyester.
Surface Coated vinyl.
Underside Coated vinyl.
Tested UV N/A
Solar Factors N/A
Tear 510 x 570 lbs., ASTM D 751.
Transparency Level N/A
Abrasion Resistance H22, 1000-gram load, Method 5306, 600x1000
Flexibility Excellent
Flame Resistance No
Mildew Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance N/A, Harsh or abrasive chemicals will damage fabrics and void any manufactures warranty.
Water Repellency Water proof.
Oil Resistance Excellent
Sewability Good, Recommended Heat Sealing.
Heat Sealing Radio Frequency, Hot air.
Fabric Care Cleaning periodically is reccomended mild soap and water and non abrassive brush. Allow material to completely air dry laying flat and open until dry to help prevent any growth. Chemicals or harsh cleaners are not reccomended.
Mfgs Warranty No Mfg's Warranty. There is NO other EXPRESSED or IMPLIED WARRANTY on material, outside what is covered by the manufactures written warranty. Please see terms and conditions of all materials sold by IIS, and what those policies for replacement of mate
Sold UM yd
Roll Size 75
Cold Crack (40°F)., ASTM D-2136.