MVCSNAUIVY 8.2 oz, 86.5" Ivory


Valmex Nautica has been used for boat covers for many years. The different versions with their individual characteristics have won many boat owners over a long period of time. It has a special fungicide finish for high resistance against mold, is waterproof and lightweight and easy to care for. The high UV, tear and tensile strengths and weather resistance add to a long product life. Today you will find Valmex nautica in many harbours around the world. It is perfectly suited for all types of covers for weather and sun protection.


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Product Specifications

Material Color 8.2 oz, 86.5" Ivory
Pattern Style Solids
Width 86.5"
Weight 8.2 oz./sq.yd.; ASTM D-751.10.
Fiber Content PVC coated and acrylic lacquered top, Polyester underside.
Surface PVC coated, acrylic lacquered and embossed.
Underside Polyester scrim, Fungicide.
Tested UV Weather Fastness, 7, 8, Value, ASTM.
Solar Factors N/A
Tear Tongue tear 20, 20 lbs., ASTM D 751 (8" x 10") specimen.
Transparency Level Light Fastness, 7, 8, Value, ISO 105 B02.
Abrasion Resistance N/A
Flexibility Excellent, High Temperature, 158 F, LB 3.15, Low Temperature, -25 F, ASTM D 2136.
Flame Resistance N/A
Mildew Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance N/A
Water Repellency Excellent
Oil Resistance N/A
Sewability Excellent
Heat Sealing No
Fabric Care No solvents or strong alkaline cleaners shall be used. Use of these products may cause damage. Due to previous experiences and extensive testing results we recommend for applications made of Valmex: Ultra Dawn Original Blue or Palmolive Original Dishwashing Liquid-Regular green. Rinse off the soil on the surface with water. Apply the amount of cleaner required for the type of soiling, following the recommended concentration laid down by the mfg of the cleaner. Spray it or wipe it on to the material with a cloth. Leave the cleaner to work up to five minutes and wipe it off with a cloth. Rinse off the dirt and cleaner with pure cold or warm water. Then dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth. Do not overheat the surface. Do not let dry by air. It could lead to change of color! The material must be stocked clean and under absolute dry conditions. If in doubt about a particular cleaning solution, please do not hesitate to contact us for our recommendation.
Mfgs Warranty Five year pro-rata limited warranty. There is no other expressed or implied warranty on material, outside what is covered by the manufactures written warranty. Please see terms and conditions of all materials sold by IIS, and what those policies for repla
Sold UM yd
Roll Size 33.5
Cold Crack (-25°F); ASTM D-2136.