Cleaner & protectant, Vinyl, 5 gal pail


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Product Specifications

Style Cleaner & Protection
Stocking U/M 5 gallon pail
Type Cleaner &, Vinyl protectant
Width N/A
Size N/A
Material Anionic Surfactant
Product Information The Awning Cleaner & Protectant is safe and easy method for maintaining vinyl materials. The solution has an effective blend of surfactants, sequestrates, emulsifiers, plasticizers and UV blockers. This will help to prolong the life expectancy and ensure that your fabric appearance is maintained at optimal level throughout the materials life expectancy. It is recommended with all materials that a routine maintenance program is implemented, and it will help to ensure a cleaner looking and extended life of any fabric. It has been tested and approved by many major vinyl manufactures. Please pre-test a small area before fully engaging in a vigorous cleaning or recoating processes of any surface.
Product Description Cleaner & protectant, Vinyl, 5 gal pail