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Inventory Blowout Items

Fabric Items offered at discounted rates off the normal list pricing, for these various materials offered (see details on purchases made for these items, more information listed below about the purchase of these items). All SALES ARE FINAL.

Inventory Blowout Items Products

Blowout items have been priced at discounted rates, off of the standard list pricing for these particular fabrics. It does not necessarily mean the fabric items are not of first quality condition and sometimes these are patterns which have become discontinued patterns by the mfg. Based on these fabric items which are being offered at a reduced pricing, IIS will look to ship remaining available roll sizes we have in stock. If we have available close yardage to the ordered amount, we will make our best effort to get you the closest yardage available to the ordered quantity. If the yardage we have exceeds 10% more than the quantity ordered, we will call you on the available roll sizes we have remaining, for option if you want to make the purchase on the available yardage remaining of the particular style. These items are first come first serve basis; IIS makes no guarantee of having these goods in stock. Fabrics offered as seconds materials are sold as is condition; IIS to the best of our ability deem it to be still of some useable value, and based on our best determination what the discounted price for such an item is sold at. These fabrics which are sold at the discounted rates are not returnable; once an item has shipped it is considered to be a closed sale, no option for return or credit of these particular items purchased. Any fabric items being sold as seconds come with no warranty, not even the mfg.?s guarantee is offered (NO WARRANTY) merchandise sold as is condition. Upon the sale of the merchandise, all sales are final and considered non-returnable items.