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  Acrylic welding tape, use with radio frequency equipment.
  Tape for radio frequency welders applied on bar & plate of machine.
  Acrylic welding tape, use with hot air equipment.
  Polyester base flame retardant
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Welding and Bar Tape

Thermo bonding tapes are essential in welding woven or synthetic fabrics. Our style 4220 is a perfect choice for bar welding and is exceptional for welding acrylic fabrics. BMT-5000 is our 6 mil FR welding tape that can be used with flame retardant materials in commercial projects. This material is recommended for use with hot air equipment and will allow you to weld most woven and synthetic materials . Miller Weldmaster Corporation has tested this product for suitability and it is a recommended tape for their welding equipment.

Welding and Bar Tape Products

Our thermo bonded tapes are equipped to handle welding acrylic and synthetic woven materials. The 4220 style is a 5 mil tape perfect for welding acrylic fabrics with the bar welder giving you the perfect bond on woven products. For hot air welders we have our BMT-5000 FR, a lower heat higher bond tape, which is great for flame retardant materials and acrylic or woven fabrics. Because our tape is a 6 mil it gives you great consistency when running with most hot air machines, it does not tend to stretch and gather as some other tapes do. This tape has been tested with Miller Weld Master Corporation and has been given their approval for a recommended product for their machines.