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  Socket, LDBN16206
  Socket, LDBB16205
  Socket, LDBB16206
  Cinch plate, LDBN16506
  Cinch plate, LDBN16507
  Stud, LDBN16347
  Stud, LDBN16349
  Stud, LDBB16501
  Washer, LDBN16501
  Washer, LDBB16501
  Stud, LDBN16509
  Stud, LDBB16509
  Washer, LDBN16509
  Washer, LDBB16509
  Stud, LDBN163604
  Stud, LDBN163606
  Stud, LDBN163607
  Stud, LDBN163624
  Stud, LDBN163667
  Stud, LDBN163627
  Cap Standard, BN4647AR
  Cap Standard Post, SN4647AR
  Cap Standard Post, BB4647AR
  Cap Standard, BNSC4647BLK
  Cap Standard, BNSC4647WHT
  Cap Long Post, BN4647LAR
  Cap Long Post, BB4647LAR
  Cap Long Post, SS4647LAR
  Socket Standard Action, BN4647B
  Socket Standard Action, SS4650B
  Socket Standard Action, BB4647B
  Socket Hard Action, BN4647HB
  Eyelet Standard, BN4647D
  Eyelet Standard, SS4647D
  Stud Standard Act , BN4647C
  Stud Standard Act , SS4650C
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-46652
  Turn Fasteners, AT M-46651
  Turn Fasteners, AT M-46652
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-6M-S-7B
  Turn Fasteners, AT S -6CD-S-12S
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-15S
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-15-W
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-2M-S
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-2M-W
  Socket, LDBN16205
  Stud Low Base , BN4647SC
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-2B-W-B
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-46651
  Screw stud, Self tapping, BNSS705916
  Screw stud, Self tapping, BNSS705921
  Screw stud, Self tapping, SSSS705920
  Screw stud, Self tapping, SSSS705914
  Blind rivet stud, RIV10319
  Blind rivet stud, RIV10314
  Rivet type, Flangless stud, BN4647FLC
  Screw stud, Self tapping, BNSS705912
  Screw stud, Self tapping, BNSS705920
  Screw stud, Self drilling, SSST705916
  Screw stud, Self drilling, BNST705916
  Screw stud, Self drilling, BNST705924
  Turn Fasteners, ATS -2B-E-B
  Screw stud, Self tapping, BNSS705914
  Eyelet Long, BN4647LD
  Eyelet Long, BB4647LD
  Gypsy Stud DBL, BNP232NBS
  Gypsy Stud, BNP232NB
  Gypsy Stud DBL, BBP232NBS
  Turn Fasteners, ATS -2B-4HW
  Turn Fasteners, AT S-2B-W
  Turn Fasteners, ATS -2B-LE
  Turn Fasteners, ATS -2B-E
  Windshield Clip, Clip78WS
  Windshield Clip, Clip34WST
  #8, 3/8"
  #8, 1/2"
  #8, 5/8"
  #8, 5/8"
  #7, 5/8"
  #12, 5/8"
  1/2", #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  5/8", #10
  5/8", #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  3/8", #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  .188- .375 grip range
  .020- .087 grip range
  1/2"#2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  5/16", #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  5/8", #10 Oversized
  1/2" #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  3/4" #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  .875 clip
  .754 clip
  3/4", #2 Philips drive with a #8-18
  Plastic, Adhesive Tape
  Brass Nickel
  Brass Black Oxide
  Black Oxide
  Stainless Steel
  Brass Nic, Brass screw
  Brass Nic, Steel screw
  SS, Enamel
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Fasteners & Button Supplies

Fasteners offer the flexibility to attach and remove covers easily. We offer a variety of fasteners in different sizes and finishes so depending on your application we have the fastener for your job.

Fasteners & Button Supplies Products

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Fasteners have been a long term solution in many industrial applications. They provide the ability to install , remove, and reinstall covers with ease making it for daily use applications. No matter where the cover needs to be attached, it is likely we have the perfect solution for the job. Some of the more popular fasteners supplied are durables, common sense, and lift-a-dots.