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Hidem is a finishing product which is used in seating and upholstery to hide stitching, fasteners, or staples. It can be opened in the center or separated providing the fabricator the opportunity to hide the attachment method while providing a finished matching edge. Piping's are used as another method in finishing seating and provide a core to wrap the material around the filler to create a round or beaded edge.

Hidem; Welts; Piping's Products

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Hidem is made with woven or vinyl materials in 3/4 or 1” two edges being folded down and stitched but still allows you to separate in the center by opening the middle area that allows you are able to sew, fasten or staple your material and hiding your work. Piping's are created by using a foam or plastic filler and wrapping it totally by the upholstery material used in your seating to provide a flexible and durable round bead for cushion finishing.