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Marine Headliner/Underliner

Vinyl headliner materials are produced from high grade upholstery materials with a flame laminated foam adhered to the backside of the material. These materials are antimicrobial treated to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew. These materials will withstand high temperatures and moist conditions common in harsh marine environments. We also have perforated polyester dipped mesh which is a good choice in seat underlining. This material is treated for antimicrobial organisms to help prevent mold, mildew, and is also rot resistant. It is the perfect solution for seat underlining as it blocks the view of springs and screws.

Marine Headliner/Underliner Products

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Headliner material is made from high quality upholstery vinyl which is flame laminated to a foam backing. The vinyl is treated for antimicrobial treatment and is mold, mildew, and rot resistant. These materials are durable and able to withstand moist conditions and high temperature environments such as those in marine applications. Underlining material is a perforated light weight vinyl constructed with polyester scrim which creates a durable seat underliner material. This material is antimicrobial treated, mildew, mold and rot resistant. It provides good solution for seat underlining as it hides spring and screws from sight and is durable enough for tough exterior environments.