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We provide vinyl bindings matching some of our most popular marine and upholstery vinyl such as Inno-Marine 13/19 vinyl and Nautica marine vinyl. We have the same material slit down into either 3/4” to 1” or 1 1/4” and are then double folded and glued. These bindings provide you with a great option for finishing the edges of your job and the provide great color fastness and durability. We also provide facing products in the same material which give you additional finishing and hem options in your cover applications.

Vinyl Bindings, Facing Products Products

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Vinyl bindings are offered in some of our most popular vinyl fabrics such as Nautica and Inno-Marine 13/19 vinyl's. Since these bindings are produced from the same base material, you can match the cover edges perfectly and it will have the same matched durability with the rest of the job. It provides a professional finishing appearance. We also offer wider options than traditional bindings in facing such as 1 1/2 and 2” in size. These can be used as zipper facing and in finishing hem applications.