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  Z Bracket
  Pipe Clamp
  L Bracket
  U Bracket
  Base Plate
  2"; Tube
  1"; Tube
  1 1/2"; Tube
  1"; Tube
  1"; Pipe
  1 3/8"; Tube
  1"x1"x1"; Tube
  5"; Tube
  4"; Tube
  3/4"; Tube
  3/4"; Pipe
  1/2"; Pipe
  1"x2"x1"; Tube
  Galvanized Zinc
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Brackets & Plates

IIS supplies various styles of brackets and plates. These hardware items are essential in the construction and installation of awnings. The brackets we supply provide many options for frame attachment to the structure or the ability to bring two frames together. Base plates are used for uprights to bring the pipe to the ground or floor and also in frame installations to attach the frame to the wall.

Brackets & Plates Products

The brackets we supply are constructed from steel, they are galvanized and finished with a zinc finish to prevent corrosion.