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Cleaners & Protectants

We have products which are designed to clean all types of industrial materials woven or vinyl. These products provide safe solutions for cleaning the material and extending the life of your fabrics. The protectants are designed to treat the materials and restore important components to the fabrics and assure longer durability.

Cleaners & Protectants Products

These industrial cleaning products are non-toxic, biodegradable products specifically designed for maintaining and extending the life expectancy of woven and vinyl fabrics. While cleaning is an important factor, protectants are also important as they provide a barrier keeping environmental pollutants, molds, mildews, and sea air from compromising the fabric. In vinyl materials, these protectants assist in restoring damaged plasticizers which occur in plasticizer migration. In woven fabrics, protectants aid in restoring the product's water repellency. These products are essential in achieving the full life expectancy of fabrics and should be used regularly as part of your continued maintenance plan.