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  Keder; Single flap welded
  7.5 mm
  8.5 mm
  PVC extruded core; Polyester vinyl fabric
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Keder welting is produced by utilizing a strong woven polyester fabric, which has been slit down wrapped around a PVC cord and is welded creating a strong versatile flange for attachment purposes for various types of cover installations. The welting is offered with either single or double flap, or the PVC cord is offered on either 7.5mm or 8.5mm core. Making Keder welt a great solution for many types of applications which require large amounts of strength or high tension requirements, and then can be used with different types of track or rail as a part of your job.

Keder Products Products

Keder welt is a strong woven polyester fabric that is created by polyester material being wrapped around a solid PVC core which is then welded. The welt has choice of either a 7.5mm or 8.5mm round core, and option for either single flap or double flap. Keder is also made utilizing different types of polyester fabric coverings over the bead portion, depending on your application and strength requirement needed. This makes Keder welt the perfect solution for many outdoor types of cover installations, which may require good strength qualities and integration of some type of track or rail system will be utilized in part of your job. Keder is utilized in many outdoor applications from awnings, tents, shade structures, and marine applications.