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  Multifilament Polyester Twisted
  Filament Polyester
  #1400, 69",1887.5yds
  90,#16,2100 yds
  135,#12,1350 yds
  135,#12,2700 yds
  #2400, 12",968.5 yds
  #1800, 69",1545 yds
  #2400, 12",1937 yds
  #1800, 16",3090 yds
  PTFE Fiber
  Twisted Multifilament
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Thread & Bobbins

IIS has top options for continuous filament threads which have enhanced UV and anti-wicking finish. These products are a great choice for exterior applications including awnings, tents, and marine applications. New at IIS, is the next generation of PTFE threads that can match the expectations of any fabric and provide protection against almost all the elements,. These threads are highly ultraviolet resistance and resist degradation under exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. This product can withstand elements from rot, mildew, salt water, oil, fuel, and agents which may be utilized in cleaning or maintaining fabrics.

Thread & Bobbins Products

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IIS offers continuous filament polyester thread products, which have enhanced UV fade protection along with a anti-wicking finish. They have great exterior durability making them a great choice for awnings, tents, marine, upholstery, and casual furniture. We carry two leading brands of continuous filament thread Sunstop and Star Ultra Dee. We also have Style G and M bobbins in white and black which is made from the Sunstop style product. New at IIS, is the PTFE thread which is almost impervious to exterior environmental elements, such as degradation from exposure to sunlight, high temperature, and friction. It has outstanding qualities such as being ultraviolet resistance and being able to sustain itself from rot, mildew, oils, salt, and cleaning agents which may be used in maintaining fabrics.