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  2300, 3 bar slide
  0.05 thick
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IIS supplies many styles of buckles which are used in applications that contain webbing and require the ability to adjust the webbing. Such items as single or double bar slides, 6105 push button adjustable webb strap buckles, and cam buckles give the ability for quick adjustment and securement of the webbing.

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The various buckles we supply are offered in different styles, sizes, and finishes which give you options depending on the job and environment of the application. Our 6105 is a popular option for many awning and tent applications where the need for adjustable straps are a must. These buckles are offered in different sizes to accommodate webbings and offer the ability for quick strap adjustments. We offer them in three finishes: nickel, zinc, and stainless. Single bar slides also offer flexibility and are available in different sizes and finishes.