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  3250, Dee Ring
  563, Dee Ring
  1954, Clip & dee
  3250 Dee Ring
  563 Dee Ring
  1955 clip & dee
  0.262" Wire diameter
  .243 Wire diameter
  0.207" Wire diameter
  0.190" Wire diameter
  0.243" Wire diameter
  0.243" Wire diameter
  .135 Wire diameter
  201 hole; 1-3/8" length
  .207" Wire Diameter
  .262 Wire Diameter
  201hole;1-3/8" length
  Stainless steel
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Dee Rings

Dee rings are used in many applications to provide a fastening point for webbing or to secure a snap hook in place. We offer these in different wire sizes, widths, and finishes.

Dee Rings Products

Dee rings are constructed from steel wire and are formed into a dee pattern. They available in three finishes including nickel, zinc, and stainless. They also offered in welded style 3250 or non-welded style 563. Additional options in wire diameters, width, and height configurations are available. Please specify when ordering.