USP113 61", 18oz, Plus Dark Teal (Disc, 4-5 yd pcs)


This high tenacity polyester fabric is the perfect solution for virtually any awning job big or small. The material is American made by a laminator with over fifty years of experience. IIS has sold the Ultrashade product over the past 17 years with great success. The material has proven itself to be a great product of choice for many outdoor applications. Our improved hybrid coating has the following attributes of acrylic and urethane. It allows the best performance features of both types of polymers. We have found it enhances plasticizer resistance, stain resistance while providing excellent exterior weather ability characteristics. This along with our ultra-smooth top surface we have found this to be a key feature when it comes to the material staying clean. The barrier that the top coat creates helps by not letting most dirt and settlements into the material. Also with the new top coat the change with the cleaning and maintenance process of the material is made easier. A regular maintenance program is recommended over the life of the material and will help in keeping the material at its peak look and performance.


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Product Specifications

Material Color 61", 18oz, Plus Dark Teal (Disc, 4-5 yd pcs)
Pattern Style Solids
Width 61
Weight 18 oz
Fiber Content Polyester, 9 x 9, 1000 x 1000 Denier.
Surface Matte embossed with a ultra-smooth finish and a hybrid top coating constructed into the film.
Underside PVC vinyl film, Semi gloss
Tested UV 2000 hrs
Solar Factors N/A
Tear Tongue Tear, ASTM D2261, 8
Transparency Level Lighter shades will transmit light through the material, variation by color.
Abrasion Resistance N/A
Flexibility Excellent, Cold resistance, ASTM D2136, pass -20 F.
Flame Resistance Ultrashade has been test for the following test California Fire Marshall test, NFPA 701, ASTM E84.
Mildew Resistance Excellent, Ultrashade should be maintained to insure proper care and remain dirt and mildew free.
Chemical Resistance N/A
Water Repellency Ultrashade a vinyl laminated materials is waterproof. In applications where the material has been fabricated and is put together by heat sealing the seam either RF welding or hot air the material would remain waterproof as long a no holes are created in t
Oil Resistance Excellent
Sewability Excellent
Heat Sealing Excellent
Fabric Care Ultrashade awning fabric is a vinyl laminated polyester material with a hybrid top coating that aids in stain, dirt and mildew resistance. While this top coating as well as the extremely smooth surface finish of Ultrashade both aid in clean ability and longevity of the fabric, some general maintenance and care is recommended as follows:Cleaning 2-3 times a year is usually sufficient and will enhance the longevity of the vinyl. Since mildew will only grow on dirt (but will not grow on the Ultrashade vinyl itself) keeping the awning clean will also prevent mildew from forming on the awning cover. Clean the awning by first rinsing thoroughly with a garden hose to remove any excess and loose dirt or debris. After hosing the material thoroughly using a solution of mild soap and water and a soft bristle brush clean awning and rinse thoroughly. Do not use any wire bristle or abrasive cleaning utensils as these may damage material. Do not use bleach or non approved vinyl cleaners. After cleaning the material it is recommended that you retreat the material with a pro-tectant which will also restore the top coat of the material. For high traffic areas and heavy traffic a commercial vinyl cleaner may be used as well. Check with your awning manufacturer for approved products or inquire about our cleaning products that are specifically made for our materials and that will not harm or damage the material. Do not use pressure washers or similar equipment. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule will ensure the longest lifespan possible on Ultrashade and any awning fabric.
Mfgs Warranty Ultrashade Plus carries a manufactures 5 year pro rated warranty, and is American made.
Sold UM yd
Roll Size 50
Cold Crack (-20F)